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A Tryst in Paris

A Time Travel Romance

Book One of The Carousel Time Traveler

cover to a tryst in paris

Mirabelle becomes

The Carousel Time Traveler and falls for a French rogue.


What happens in 1900 Paris stays in 1900 Paris . . .

or will it?

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When Mirabelle Montgomery visits the Luxembourg Carousel in Paris, a mysterious time shifter sweeps her into the Carousel’s time travel vortex and transports her to 1900 Paris. Her return will be allowed once she completes her mission to restore a man’s fate gone wrong. But whose?

Upon meeting dangerously sexy Jacques Thibaut, Mirabelle believes she has found her man. His life’s purpose as a stellar police detective has been derailed by accusations of his plotting with anarchists to overthrow the French government.

If she proves Jacques to be innocent, his life will be reset to its rightful providence. He will win back his job and those who once believed in him, including the woman he planned to marry.

Mirabelle’s determination to complete her mission kindles passion between them. But their falling in love will jeopardize everything, for his true destiny does not include her. Besides, even if her heart desires, she cannot remain in 1900 Paris . . . can she?

Join Mirabelle Montgomery and her adventures as a time traveler in Paris of the past. A Tryst in Paris is Book One of The Carousel Time Traveler series.

five stars

Fans of historical fiction, romance, and fantasy will find A Tryst in Paris to be an engrossing and masterfully written book. Armistead expertly combines the historical and fantasy aspects of the narrative, fully immersing the reader in the sights, sounds, and social mores of the era. Five Stars, Highly Recommended

~ The Historical Fiction Company

I became immersed in Anne's beautiful descriptions of 1900 Paris . . . A TRYST IN PARIS is a book I couldn’t put down.

~ award-winning author Marilyn Baron

two-time finalist for Georgia Author of the Year, Romance

Anne Armistead paints an entrancing portrait of 1900 Paris . . .  fascinating read with rich descriptions, a delightful mystery, and realistic, well-rounded characters . . . the mystery and the brewing romance between Jacques and Mira are wonderfully interwoven.

~ Edith Wairimu, Readers' Favorites

Author Anne Armistead has crafted a truly delightful journey through time, weaving together the charm of the golden age of Paris and the excitement of unexpected romance . . . engaging and immersive . . .   wonderful introduction to The Carousel Time Traveler series. I can’t wait for more.  

~ K.C. Finn, Readers' Favorites

An exciting, riveting story. The author holds the reader's attention from the very first line in her book to the very last . . . Anne Armistead captures the reader's imagination in the way the story unfolds with twists and turns, obstacles, and interesting places and sights of Paris. The reader is drawn into the story and the end is one that they could not predict or expect

~Bernadette Longu, Readers' Favorites

Brilliant from start to finish, A Tryst in Paris will move you . . . . The writing is impeccable . . . the world-building is immersive, creative, and makes the ordinary simply beautiful . . . The characters are emotive and leap off the page . . . a rare time travel romance and one I simply adored . . . 5++ stars.

~N. N. Light's Book Heaven Reviews

A satisfying mix of fantasy, history, romance, thriller, and time travel that readers will love.

~Bonnie Reads and Writes

Armistead crafts a tale that is as rich in romance as it is in suspense . . . The narrative’s pacing is impeccable, a harmonious blend of romance, mystery, and sprinklings of fantasy that ensures readers remain riveted . . . A Tryst in Paris promises an exhilarating escape, making it a must-read for readers who yearn for romance intertwined with the magic of time travel.

~Literary Titan

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