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A Two-Part Historical Romance

     When Mirabelle Montgomery visits the Luxembourg Carousel, she is sent into its whirling time travel vortex, forced to leave her critically ill mother. She becomes The Carousel Traveler, transported to 1900 Paris

to alter a man’s destiny. But whose?

    She meets Jacques Thibaut, a secretive, dangerously sexy ex-police detective accused of conspiring with anarchists and assassins, and sparks fly. The collapse of a structure at the Paris Exhibition makes Mirabelle wonder if she has been sent to help another, but she decides proving Jacques’ innocence must be her mission. Why else had they fallen into this tryst in Paris?

     Jacques refuses to fight against the charges that have derailed his life… or against Marius Jourdain, a criminal who holds Jacques in his power from something nefarious they’ve shared in their past. Suspecting Marius holds the key to clearing Jacques’ name, Mirabelle follows him into the bohemian world of Montmartre,

with its cocaine, coquettes, and crime. 

Mirabelle cannot shy from the peril, for only by resetting Jacques’ fate will she be returned

to her mother’s side where she belongs… even though her heart belongs to this man from another century.

    Unless… somehow, their love can transcend their tryst in time.