A Time Travel Romance

When Mirabelle Montgomery visits Paris on a business trip for her critically ill mother to buy antiques, she finds an aged note in a 1900 Paris Exhibition coin purse souvenir: Meet me at the Luxembourg Carousel .

On a whim, Mirabelle stops at the Carousel, where she is sent into its whirling time travel vortex. She becomes The Carousel Traveler, transported to 1900 Paris to alter a man’s destiny. But whose?

Deposited onto the moving sidewalk of the Paris Exhibition in a beautiful Paquin design, Mirabelle is weak and disoriented. She accepts assistance from sexy yet secretive Jacques Thibaut, a disgraced former police detective who now races newfangled automobiles at untested speeds.

Fiery passion ignites between them, despite the clash of Mirabelle’s modern feminism with Jacques’ male superiority. Although he will not divulge his tormented past, Mirabelle believes she has found her man…but she has been sent to change his fate, not fall in love.

If she proves Jacques innocent, the Carousel will whirl Mirabelle back to the present and her mother, separating the lovers by over a century. Unless they can find a way for their love to transcend time.